Thursday, November 18, 2010

Songfacts: "Sex and Violence" (Exploited cover)

This was one of the few cover songs that actually made it to DCD's early sets, from older bands some of us were in previously (first The Яeversatiles, then later The Disliked). Back in 2001, when I first started trying to form bands with people, I'd insist that the only way it would work was if we based everything we did on 2 songs: "Sex and Violence" by the Exploited, and "Louie Louie".

(Footnote - The Яeversatiles actually did a medley of these two songs, called "Sex with Louie". We'd play the Exploited song forever, then fade out into the opening chords of Louie Louie, while still singing "sex and violence" for the chorus. But that's another story altogether...)

Once we changed the band's name to Dead City Dealers and shuffled the lineup around a little bit, we almost immediately started playing shows. Not wanting to steal any of our former singer Brianne's songs, all we had left was "Lonely at the Top" (I changed the lyrics back to how I had originally written them), "Liberal Stomp" (a Chris Vermin composition), our musical version of Byron's "So We'll Go No More A-Roving" (originally Brianne's idea, I believe), and 2 new songs, written by me, that we'd been working on at the tail end of The Disliked: "Beer is a Necessity" and "Rural Streetpunk".

Not much of a set, huh?

So what do we do? Play "Sex and Violence" for 10 minutes at the end of the set. Which still left us only with about 25 minutes' worth of material.

After a while I got tired of singing the regular lyrics, so I'd do shit like "The Song That Doesn't End", or "John Jacob Jinglehiemer Schmidt". Other times I'd just give the microphone to the audience, which seemed fine by them. They were usually already going ape-shit and trying to steal it away from me anyway.


  1. don't forget when we also did "5 dollar foot long" to that tune

  2. Oh yeah! See, this is why the comments section is a good thing